Premiere: Plastic Weather - "Doppelganger"

5 piece synth punk band Plastic Weather hails from Portland, Oregon. Their gritty writing is scattered all over their new single “Doppelganger.” The song feels like a dance party, great for any pregame shenanigans you're headed for.

***Disclaimer Distinction Music Management is not liable for any property you destroy while listening to this song***

Though, this writer will say this track is *very* therapeutic for any said mischief. Listening to “Doppelganger” also gives off this Scooby-Doo vibe, and not in a childlike way. In a holy shit Shaggy I had too many Scooby Snacks and I see a ghost kinda way. The added psychedelic keys give off a speedy and tantalizing presence to the song. Embodying the classic styling of synthwave with pop punk drum notes is a really unique use of producing, making Plastic Weather a standout amongst Pacific Northwest bands.