Drunk At A Show: The City Hall - Single Release Show

Sipping on my white wine from Portugal, The Royal Room's walls bounced sweet sounds of indie into my earlobes. The raw and naked lyricism filled my anatomy, with kisses and tastes of grape nectar, as various bands took the stage. My first sip started with the band Middle Names. Opening with conversation, they produced comfort with their music. As the lead vocalist sang to us, we fell enamored in the warmth of his voice. They ended their set with a melodically intense song called “Bloodline”, leaving us engaged in the remains of their set.

The next sip tasted of laughter and thoroughly thought out storytelling, as Josh from the band Seacats took the stage. Immersing us into his life, his music presented a conceptual appeal to it. Telling us stories of his life through his lyrics, he gives us a glimpse of his childhood. Even with the raw truth of his lyrics, he still manages to add a element of satire to his sound. Vocally standing on his own, you hear the layers of vibrato. This gave me goosebumps as I found his lyrics to be relatable and intimate.