Aquarius Season Playlist pt. 1

With Jan 20th comes a wave of headsiness and deep gnosis, a connectivity to the collective subconscious. The world is caught in a faded blue cloud of thought and concept. This is coming of Aquarius season, where the energy of concept and revolution

The Aquarius energy is the second to last in the Zodiac. Aquarians are into connectivity and networks of information. They know everybody and they know about every major conspiracy theory as well as if it was a person. They have a love for interconnection, and out-there ideas. They are futurists. If you know an Aquarius they’re probably really into sci-fi or anime.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the holder of water, and Aquarius’ astral mascot is the water-bearer. The sign represents stored human knowledge, gnosis, the collective unconscious, change, revolution, and the types of ideas that spark huge shifts in culture. From scientific movements, subcultural conviction and other such magic outpourings, Aquarians have started a lot.

Aquarians as people hold these understandings to themselves, and are often so much in their ivory tower that relating to them, and understanding them can be a chore. They are generally social, but disconnected. They are good at understanding and explaining, and most importantly connecting dots, but often times that does not connect to connecting with people. The Aquarius cliche is a cold, pretension alien presence who sticks their nose up at “common man” and insists upon their own projected, false view of reality that only factors in things the aquarius wants, and spends all their energy blocking out everything that doesn’t agree with them. Even a cursory view of art, and as is our focus here, music, made by Aquarians reveal both to be absolutely true in the overwhelming majority of cases. That’s fine. We can be okay with that. Aquarians are also commonly given the label “the Humanitarian” of the Zodiac. Aquarians are known for being very interested in the greater good, and what’s best for mankind, even if they have a habit of sometimes ignoring the needs or desires of the people immediately around them. Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison, Galileo, Rasputin, Frederick Douglass, Copernicus, Aquariuses do not leave the world the same as when they started, whether that change is good or evil.

The most popular image that represents Aquarius is the water bearer, a person carrying two water pots, so for that and other reasons, there are not ONE, but TWO Aquarius playlists this month. That reason, and that fact that there are so many Aquarius rappers I want to talk about that they needed their own space.

The Aquarius is the marriage of water (communication) and air (concept.) This makes a very compelling world for music and creativity to grow in. Since birth, and since I got my first album ever, Aquarians have been my favorite lyricists. Billie Joe Armstrong’s perfect picture of a young white disenfranchised America was the first record I ever heard that used the word "fuck" and saw me escape a neo-isolationist cult, and got me into the creative mediums I am into now. I can play through the entire record. The fact that both Henry Rollins and Billie Joe Armstrong were both Aquarians, and probably the two most recognizable household names in American punk rock says something.

Aquarius’ music has penchant towards slant ways of thinking about things and exploring weird emotional spaces that other artists wouldn't be interested in enough to access. Neil Diamond wrote a love song to E.T. for crying out loud. There is great capacity with Aquarians to orchestrate longer, more integrated pieces of music. The most well known contemporary, and classical composers were Aquarians, with their mind for integrated thought and arranging concepts applied to music. The same concept can be applied to raw sonics with the work of Philip Glass and Throbbing Gristle, to name a few. A very compelling example of Aquarian thought I go back to is Laura Marling, with her explorations of the absurdity of events around sex and relationships holistically that only an Aquarius could generate.

The following playlist is very possibly whack, but so are Aquarians. Be headsy and safe this season, stay tuned for part two, where I will get into Aquarian rappers in their own right.

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