Review: Perry Porter - "Channel Surfing"

Perry Porter paints and makes music. A lot of people both paint and make music, but fewer people are able to incorporate both disciplines into all their work that doesn’t differentiate between one of the other. Perry's beat choices and the intermingling of his bars, the density of his ad libs, and the schizophrenia of his busy, post-trap beat choices weave together the same way paint needs to. The record is vastly effective, and though there’s a lot this viewer could say about the album as a whole, the steady pickup and the deceptively chill beginning, to the aggression and strength the record resolves itself into. Track-by-track, the album proceeds as follows.

"Adult Swim"

The record kicks off with an alt-trapper bouncer made of soundcloud-era strangeness. Ad libs mesh together over an overstuffed beat. There is the frigid heat of an EDM influence in the beat which threw me for a loop, but is not completely out of context. "Adult Swim" is a good name, the song reads like an Eric Andre show script.