Review: Perry Porter - "Channel Surfing"

Perry Porter paints and makes music. A lot of people both paint and make music, but fewer people are able to incorporate both disciplines into all their work that doesn’t differentiate between one of the other. Perry's beat choices and the intermingling of his bars, the density of his ad libs, and the schizophrenia of his busy, post-trap beat choices weave together the same way paint needs to. The record is vastly effective, and though there’s a lot this viewer could say about the album as a whole, the steady pickup and the deceptively chill beginning, to the aggression and strength the record resolves itself into. Track-by-track, the album proceeds as follows.

"Adult Swim"

The record kicks off with an alt-trapper bouncer made of soundcloud-era strangeness. Ad libs mesh together over an overstuffed beat. There is the frigid heat of an EDM influence in the beat which threw me for a loop, but is not completely out of context. "Adult Swim" is a good name, the song reads like an Eric Andre show script.

"Living Legend"

Tight sub bass treadmills, underneath a classic 69/50 style flow, syllables coming from the high-voices whimsicality that turns into bar-ass bars. The song’s colorful even without synesthesia.


Objective album standout. Murderous beat brings to mind Three 6, and is cooled by Perry’s chilled out go-to self identifier. This is the one to bang, and the doorway where Channel Surfing crosses over into more agro territory.

"Dope Man"

A spiritual starchild of every Danny Brown / ScHoolboy collab that’s happened thus far mixed with two sprinkles of Andre 3K’s alt take on assurance of identity. Schoolboy is clearly a big influence as far as beats, voices, and flows. Also one of the best examples on the record of breaks in samples and density of the song and verse transitions. The swaths of samples are almost like skits, and serve the same purpose on the record, both to lighten and deepen the mood, always contrasting against the music. They make an already stupid fun record into a rainbow sugarblast.

"Diff. Flavas (feat. L.E.X.)"

This one reflects the Sleep Steady Soundcloud aggression that existed more in Perry's involvement with Sleep Steady. This is the agro banger any Sleep Steady fan was waiting for from Pretty Perry's marriage to his own aesthetic. The trudgey flow over the stompy bass is a sandwich that tastes great.

"Pull Up (feat. C.Dubb & Seaan Brooks)"

This is the concrete song: still fun, but Perry's voice hardens into someone you should still be wary of, which is effortlessly fitted right after a bar about how much Perry likes Anime. The features are hard.

"NATURE BOY (feat. ScribeMecca)"

The power of “Pull Up” and the sweetness and ease of “Adult Swim.”


The heaviness of the second half of the record is reflective of an understanding of what a B-Side of a record means in the era of Soundcloud singles. Anybody who says something about music in their tinder bio can talk till they’re blue in the face about // the art of making a good record // and the conversation about whether that exists in 2018 is neither here nor there. Perry Porter knows how to put a record together. The skit-like sample breaks get into G-Funk territory on this one.

"Dope Man II (feat. Bujemane)"

A powerful end to a powerful record with a decent verse provided by Tacoma approved new player Bujemane.

Follow up with Perry and his multi-headed content on his Facebook and listen to the new album below!

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