Premiere: Justin Hartinger - "Hands On (feat. Kody Ryan)"

You may remember Kody Ryan's soulful voice from his release "Hard to Feel." Well he is back for more, and this time he is paring up with Justin Hartinger, founder of Big Slide Records/roster artist, to create their colorful electronic new pop track “Hands On.” This marks the first release of 2018 for Seattle’s independent electronic label Big Slide Records, and damn did they get it right. "Hands On" definitely paints an ode to latin dancehall music with its use of percussion; creating a steamy overlay throughout the track. Kody Ryan's voice carries a larger confidence this time around, though it feels hazy within it; there's a confidence eluded. Ryan knows what he wants and this time he's gonna say it!

Special tracks like "Hands On" create visual realms in your mind, and thats what makes this song so captivating. When a creative space is molded in your head while listening to a song, it can create such a powerful moment, and this track does just that. The song reminds you of all the mixed emotions we can go through when were tied up in our head. Kody Ryan's illustrious voice with Justin Hartinger's production somehow pull all those thoughts out of you; making the tune relatable and giving.

Now no song would be complete without production, Justin Hartinger taps into pop music's electronic take with a unique approach. Highlighting sounds of Kody Ryan's vocals, while mixing echoes that embody the lyricism. Hartinger has proven time and time again he can make you move, just go see him at the many live shows he plays around town. If you haven't seen him perform yet, listening to this track gives you a sneak preview. You'll wanna move and you'll do some soul searching for what is you've been wanting.

"Hands On" is hot. Simply stated it's a bop. But it captivates any listener because both artists on the track are conscious of using their realties to relate to listeners. Sometimes our feelings are easier swallowed and accepted on the dance floor. If this is any indication of Big Slide's roster, things are going to massive for the label.

Available across all major streaming platforms (including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and Bandcamp) today!

Learn More About Big Slide Records: SoundCloud, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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