Show Review: Wishing Farewell to The Redlight

The warm glow of the red light emanating from the lantern near the door marked the beginning of an evening at The Redlight. Those present on January 20th witnessed the final show, with a lineup boasting of Ketamine Kat, Power Strip, Chanel Beads, and K. Reeves. For all the shows hosted at The Redlight, the cleared out living room served as a festering ground for creative energies, a space where both artist and audience could share the simple transmission of sound.

Unfortunately arriving too late for Ketamine Kat’s set, I made it just in time to catch the delicately grounding melodies that come from the collision of chamber pop and bedroom rock found in Power Strip’s music. Performing solo, Nellie, the mastermind behind the project, drew in the entire crowd with incisive use of her guitar - the entire crowd seemed to be waiting with baited breath to hear what came next.

Following Power Strip was Chanel Beads, providing an ethereal approach to electronic dream pop. The lofty instrumentation sweeps you up, leaving you buzzing in a suspended state. K. Reeves channeled some of this same energy - little surprise given that it's partly composed of Chanel Beads' main composer Shane. An avant-garde approach to experimental drone/loop music, it brought everyone back to the present.

The Redlight has now transformed into the Redlight Arts Agency, a community-based arts, booking, and promotional company in Seattle.

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