Premiere: 'Big Sin' from MONSTERWATCH

Photo by: Jake Hanson

'Z O T' the newest album from MONSTERWATCH is set to debut March 2nd! To satisfy us until then, we've got their latest single here!

Remember when you were sixteen and you just started driving? You think your fucking Mario Andretti, zipping past soccer moms and blaring your music for everyone to hear. Just to feel in control and obviously to feel like a badass, cause your sixteen and you are very far from badass. In my town, we’d go cruising down this mini highway that led to a farm town. Cruising through is what we did on the way there..but on the way back we raced. Listening to ‘Big Sin’ feels exactly like that. Scrap the obvious notion that duh we were “sinning” (sorry abuela) and big time. ‘Big Sin’ feels like squeezing your hands of the steering wheel, pressing on the gas like theres no end in sight. It’s creeps into you and make the hairs on your body stand up because your pumped full of adrenaline. If you’re planning on racing or splitting the city you live in like your James Bond then this is the song for you.

The driving force behind MONSTERWATCH’s single ‘Big Sin’ is John Spinney’s vocals, they live in this re-verb space that somehow sounds like it’s coming from below. Let’s be real, you don’t sing like that unless you have something to say, and I mean really have something to say. That tenacity and grit comes only from your soul. This isn't anything new from MONSTERWATCH though, John Spinney is constantly singing songs that have an edge to them, but its some real shit he’s singing. On this track in particular its the growl to his undertone that gives the track that coy feeling of being happy when you do something naughty.

Charles Richard’s bass on the track is the reason you feel a driving force throughout it. That sense of urgency and darkness is there because of his skills as a bassit. That steadiness and readily available punch to your gut is courtesy of Charles’ skill sets. It’s also why the track becomes an immediate tune in your head you can’t get out.

Jack Cornwell though is the reason why this track is so goddamn loud! What a relief it is to hear a punk drummer not allude to the basics. Jack throws out any type of easy way out to create an atmosphere of dings and crashing noise. Making you feel ready to go! That whole race car analogy up there at the top (side-eyeing you skimmers) is courtesy of Jack’s drumming.

When you put this down and start diving into the track remember this, if you have something to say, say it with your whole force. The reason why ‘Big Sin’ is such a jam is because they let go and said what they mean, Spinneys vocals howling “Why won’t you both just let me leave” you feel that you just don’t hear it. MONSTERWATCH is a band that genre bends and not in the traditional sense. Melding punk influences with alternative bass and vocals from your emo years, melds a unique sound in all noise out there. What makes them stand out amongst the herds of flannel dudes with guitars it’s that their music is real, it as simple as that. We’ve all wanted to scream and not muddle it in a pillow; MONSTERWATCH makes you feel like it’s okay to get loud and be fucking you. As corny as that is, not many bands can make you feel that way. Leaving 'Big Sin' as their last track was the best thing MONSTERWATCH could have done, because were all gong to want more when that track fades out.

If the track doesn't load, listen here.

Make sure to pre-order ‘ Z O T’ on bandcamp and grab it everywhere March 2nd! If you love MONSTERWATCH catch them on tour this March, their kicking stuff off in Seattle at Sonic Boom Records March 1st.

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