Premiere: 'Big Sin' from MONSTERWATCH

Photo by: Jake Hanson

'Z O T' the newest album from MONSTERWATCH is set to debut March 2nd! To satisfy us until then, we've got their latest single here!

Remember when you were sixteen and you just started driving? You think your fucking Mario Andretti, zipping past soccer moms and blaring your music for everyone to hear. Just to feel in control and obviously to feel like a badass, cause your sixteen and you are very far from badass. In my town, we’d go cruising down this mini highway that led to a farm town. Cruising through is what we did on the way there..but on the way back we raced. Listening to ‘Big Sin’ feels exactly like that. Scrap the obvious notion that duh we were “sinning” (sorry abuela) and big time. ‘Big Sin’ feels like squeezing your hands of the steering wheel, pressing on the gas like theres no end in sight. It’s creeps into you and make the hairs on your body stand up because your pumped full of adrenaline. If you’re planning on racing or splitting the city you live in like your James Bond then this is the song for you.