Best Of: January


Best Album: Migos- Culture 2​

Although long and very hit or miss, I still feel Culture 2 was the best release in January. Migos is on top of their game, with bangers like "Motorsport," "Too Playa" and "BBO," Culture 2 will be in rotation for the foreseeable future.


Best Album: Justine Skye - ULTRAVIOLET

New year, same music taste! Alright 2018 brought up some fun new singles and albums, but what takes the cake is Justine Skye's new album, ULTRAVIOLET! She's been throwing singles around for awhile, an EP here and there, but when you tune in to ULTRAVIOLET it feels like the moment we've all been waiting for. Breakups, bops and saying no to fuck boys are key in this new album. She also does a rad job of sampling Nelly’s 2002 single “Flap Your Wings” on “Back for More."

Best Show: ZAHARA / Dorothea / Toni Lee at Vera Project

My favorite show of the month had to be Vera Project hosting ZAHARA, Dorothea, and Toni Lee. ZAHARA is one of my favorite Seattle acts, she possess so much soul and it carries through each performance. Never seen Toni Lee and their opening was the great ambience to the space.


Best Album: Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin

In today’s new music climate, there’s something inherently exciting about an album that isn’t just available to stream the second it comes out. This is partially what made Ty Segall’s new album, Freedom’s Goblin my favorite of this month. It already was an experience in itself, as I had to go to my local music store to pick it up. The album itself is incredible. The whole thing is a mixture of classic 70’s rock, garage, psychedelic, and funk. It’s reminiscent of Queen, David Bowie and The Beatles, but in a very modern way. The whole thing is surrounded with romance, from the fuzzy feeling you’ll get from purchasing this album in an actual store, to the drawn out ballads to Segall’s recent marriage (and his dog in “Fanny Dog”), to the nostalgic sound of the entire project. I definitely recommend going out and buying this record (or if you just really can’t stand leaving the house you can purchase the album on his Bandcamp.

Best Show: Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival

I could go on for days about how fun Timbrrr was (in fact I did, and you can read it here.) The whole experience was the perfect weekend getaway, filled with amazing PNW artists, breathtaking views, and delicious alcoholic beverages. It’s a show I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


Best Album: Porches - The House

While not quite reaching the same emotional intensity as 2015's Pool (one of my favorite albums of that year), The House proves that Aaron Maine is trying to continually stretch himself. On his latest release he ups the electronic ante, with lead single "Find Me" being a certified banger. When I first heard it on KEXP I thought it was someone else's remix of a Porches' song but nope that's all Maine.

Best Show: The City Hall single release, with Grubby Sweetheart, Josh and Sebastian of Seacats, and Middle Names