Premiere: Lady Krishna - "Sally Was A Sailor's Sailor"

This Valentine's Day we're premiering a song from a woman I love so much that it borders on obsession. Natasha Lady Krishna is many things: style icon, meditation guru, yoga expert, punk rocker, and all-around lovely, thoughtful human. I first spotted her, as many do, walking the streets in giant, bright faux fur jackets. Eventually, I started to see her more frequently, patronizing the restaurant I work at with her best friend Justin (another style icon and amazing human). Every time she came she was dressed fabulously, pink hair, giant glasses, and her signature black faux fur hat gracelessly topped upon her head. At a certain point, I knew I needed to know her more personally and opportunity struck when I mentioned to Justin that I needed a pink jacket for an upcoming DMM photoshoot and he said Lady Krishna likely had at least one I could borrow. Indeed she did and she graciously handed one over to me. I didn't know at that time that LK even made music, nor did she know that I worked in music. So when she handed over a hot pink vinyl record containing her live set at Linda's, I had no idea what to expect. Can someone this fabulous possibly create anything bad? Turns out the answer is: "No. They cannot."

Lady Krishna growls and snarls her way through the record, like a cheetah on the prowl. The sound is both nostalgic and timeless (much like LK herself). The A-side of the album is a live performance at Linda's Tavern in Seattle, WA from two years ago with a band called Cosmic Panties. Her regular backing band, the Peppermint Lounge, is a very specific lineup so she wanted to give this other band a different name. According to Natasha, the Cosmic Panties band was a: "One-shot deal. Like a hot and heavy love affair." Her relationship with the Peppermint Lounge, on the other hand, goes back over 15 years. "It's never been a completely consistent thing and it's adapted a lot over time. We have a lot of history. Garrett was only 19 when he started playing with us and had to wait outside the club before and after the sets," explains LK. "I love the music the Peppermint Lounge makes. It's my favorite music in the whole wide world." The B-side of Cosmic Panties Live at Linda's includes two new studio recorded songs with the Peppermint Lounge.

Today we're premiering the first single and opening track on the album, "Sally Was a Sailor's Sailor." According the Lady Krishna, the song was started years ago when she was living in New York and got lost in one of her notebooks, but would resurface every so often. LK says the song is about identity and self-love. It starts with the Linda's crowd going wild and you can almost visualize the beer and the sweat and Lady Krishna in her typical skin-tight clothing. "My favorite outfits to wear are skintight so that I can make the moves, because I make ALL the moves," says LK. "Thigh high boots, hot pants, skin tight shirt. I like to call it punk rock ninja." Describing the evening at Linda's when the album was recorded: "It was super cool like when you walk into the perfect scene! One of those nights where you feel like you might fall in love that night! Everybody was there. FFF - friends, family, fans."

Tonight Lady Krishna will be stopping by KEXP for an in-studio interview with DJ Hans to share some of the songs off the album, including "Sally Was a Sailor's Sailor." Valentine's Day holds a special place in LK's heart because her first performance was on February 14 in 1986 in New York City, so she's thrilled to be able to share new music on this special holiday. "It feels like now is my time. I mean it's always been my time but it feels like things have shifted and now it's time for a big love explosion!" says Lady Krishna and we couldn't possibly disagree. Cosmic Panties Live at Linda's is out April 27 and was mixed and mastered by Seattle super-producer Erik Blood. Catch Lady Krishna on KEXP tonight from 10-11pm.


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