Premiere: Talktin and Easy - "Home Is Not A Place"

"Home Is Not A Place" is the latest slow-mo in the rain hurt-ballad of Talktin and Easy. The lead single from the band's upcoming record All In Our Family of Trees is a throat punch of post-breakup sadness. The bop sees crystal clear vocals bemoaning a lost space of romantic intrigue, as vividly felt through the loss of the safety, security, and warmth implicit when you have another human body define what home is for you. The mahogany, twang-adjacent Americana banger then paints how dark the world is when safety is gone. It’s a rough song about rough things, gorgeously recorded with crystal clear vocals and great guitar tone. The production is buttery and distinct, which serves the fantastically differentiated instrumentation perfectly.

The song changes up and gets more heart-racey as the singer flashes back into the memory of observing the dead romance of the narrator's parents, and the battle of selling out when your jeans are worn to shit. The song only sees happiness in a p