Interview: Ryan Caraveo

Ryan Caraveo is a Latino American rapper from the Seattle area. He has recently started to venture in the vegan life and really wants us to feast on the lyrical meat he has to offer. This part time vegan talks on life and internal struggle with self in his music. When listening you can’t help but relate to his stories and sing along to his catchy hooks. Releasing his third album At Least I Tried and going on his first nationwide tour kicking off in Seattle this Friday, February 23rd at the Neptune. This past month Ryan Caraveo found time to sit with me and talk life and music.

When did your interest peak for music?

At 7 years old my older brother use to write me raps, so we could battle rap in the attic. We use to watch East Coast rap battles and aspire to be them.

Who were some of the rappers you got inspiration from back then?

Beatnuts and Wu tang clan

What inspires some of your sounds now?

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of EDM, like Hippie Sabotage,Purity Ring, and Big Gigantic.

What’s your writing process like?

Every song is written on the sound by me, Teal my producer sends a loop of 8 to 10 samples, we voice memo back and forth and he criques. This last project had over a 1000 memos between us to create the perfect album.

At least I Tried is the title of your new album coming out February 12th, what's the meaning behind this title?

Failure,inner turmoil, and all the ambition in the first two albums.It also roots from my producer Teals home studio. The weather was overcast with the feeling of gloom, and I look down at the mic with this little ribbon on it that says “at least you’re trying”. From there the title had flourished to my album name.

"Pumpkin Pie," "In My Own Skin," and "Ghost and Yellow Line" are some of your singles from At Least I Tried, what message are you trying to present to your audience in these songs?

A sense of ambition and strive, to get out of situations and where I was mentally, and not write songs about what I want, but to be honest. I’m trying to make songs so when others perform them it’s still strong.

In your song "In My Own Skin" you mention traveling a lot what was one of your favorite places to visit/live?

My favorite place I lived was in Petaluma, California, where there are fields cattails and clear horizons.

This being your third album what can we expect to see?

It will be very personal and you’ll experience growth and maturity.

I noticed you don’t have many features..

Are there any local artist that you would be interested in working with?


What was the vibe behind the design of your At least I tried merchandise?

There was a guy on Instagram who made it represent me as a artist and the album. The smile on skull logo is the illusion of happiness I put on in front of people. He also wanted to create something he would actually wear.

What can we expect from your tour?

Live performances and meet and greet after every show.

How do you get ready for shows?

The ritual is pacing back and forth, large amounts of anxiety and questioning myself why I’m doing this and Tequila. Then I’m good.

What was the biggest show you have ever performed for?

Main stage Bumbershoot

You remind me of Drake in early stuff like "Swings," who inspires you in the rap game now?

Nipsey hussle

Young Jeezy

Why’d you dye your hair?

It identifies the similarities some might see and it makes me stand out.

Lastly what's your favorite pie?

Raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream

Anything you want to tell your fans?



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