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I have been doing this small column for (an indeterminate) amount of months; and it’s certainly not through our analysis of general astrological types through art, but we have reached an ending of sorts; the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. There is a prominent thought that Pisces are all the signs in one, it is thought that Pisces is the realization of all of the particulars that make up the other signs. There is no doubt that Pisces are, as exceptional as they are, complicated, as they are emotional, as they are driven. They, like their brother and sister water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, are emotionally invested powerhouses who sometimes don’t have control over how much they cry in public, or how much they can control, and be controlled by other people.

I have known a lot of Pisces. I have been in bands with a lot of Pisces. As an Aquarius, there are often tensions, as my logic and unemotionality often comes into conflict with the manic wave-riding that is the Pisces wheelhouse. They are good at seeing how currents move and reading them, sometimes regardless of where the current is taking them. Even Geminis can’t touch their social capacity. Even Scorpio can’t touch their sexual appetite. Capricorn is jealous of their work ethic, and Aquarius and Sagittarius are hard pressed to match their depth of artistry. A big school of thought believes most of them are psychic.

There is an eye for darkness with Pisces. In person, it’s easy to see their occasional, inescapable doldrums and bouts of irrevocable sadness as overblown and too much to handle. It’s easy not to see what they are experiencing everyday with a mind that is that overcome and in the heart of emotional until you hear their music. Pisces music is capable of huge highs and huge lows, the kind that can only be actualized through art. The flip side of that coin is that any time a Pisces, even if it’s Justin Bieber sings a love song, I believe them.

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