Babes Around Town (3/1-3/4)

Welcome in March (this year has gone by so fast already) this weekend and pray for spring!

What To Do This Weekend:

Thursday 3/1

"Come celebrate the kickoff to MONSTERWATCH's west coast tour at Sonic Boom Records! They'll be embarking on a 3 week tour where they'll be playing a show EVERY GODDAMN NIGHT. Which is no small feat, if you've seen how high energy and physically challenging their set is! (Semi concerned for them tbh but also very proud and excited!!)"

- Jasmine

Friday 3/2

"This week definitely hit up the BIG SLIDE RECORDS Takeover at Q Nightclub! The have a stacked lineup and the curation that comes from that team is always on point."

- Sasha

Saturday 3/3

What to listen to this weekend:

Kate: Shannon and the Clams - Onion

The verbose voices are back with their unique blend of surf punk and garage rock on their latest album Onion. I suppose it’s time to figure out how to continue my serendipitous tradition of lucking my way into a collection of their records on bright, multicolored vinyl.