Premiere: Cheap Sweat - "Push"

Cheap Sweat just released their new single "Push" on Spotify and I am in love. The song has the tender (but strong) instrumentals of an alt-rock, almost goth ballad, while lead singer Ian Call broods in a voice reminiscent of a modern day Joe Strummer. It's definitely a slow jam that you'll find yourself dancing to, more than swinging arms. The song is beautiful and sad, and seems to be pretty inspired by multiple eras of Brit rock, while maintaining the pop-punk aesthetic that I was expecting from the start.

You should go give this song a listen, but make sure you have enough space to properly dance out all your angst. Also make sure to follow them on Bandcamp, Instagram and Soundcloud, and maybe give their Facebook a like too (I know I wouldn't want to miss out on their next show.)