Interview: Jason McCue

Jason McCue, coming from Westchester, Pennsylvania, has been in Seattle for two years. He attends Seattle University and is working on his Environmental Studies degree. He's a cool guy who enjoys pizza and geology. Embarking in political musicality, he merges his art and knowledge of the Earth to manifest metaphoric songs and albums. Today he is dropping a project called Pangaea at his show in Washington Hall. Enter the life of Jason as I lick his brain on concept and artistry.

You have a soft angelic tone to your voice, how long did it take to develop that unique sound?

I started singing in a band in High School. I volunteered as a tone deaf singer. Focusing on hitting notes and the melody helped center my vocals and realize that my range is clearer in a whispering tone.

How do you record.. On your soundcloud it says you make music on your computer, could you explain that a bit more?

Using software on my computer, USB, and acoustic guitar I record and play with other instruments to double it to create full songs.

Do you play your own guitar?

Yes, well kinda, I found one of my dad's old Washburn guitar from the 80’s and have been playing since early middle school.

The album Pangaea has a release date for Oct. 11, 2017 that has been extended, when can we expect the album to be released?

"Fault Line" and "Can’t Remember" release dates were Oct. 11, 2017, but the album will be released March 9th, 2018.

In "Can’t Remember", you use a metaphor of melting ice, do you use a lot of metaphors in your lyricism?

I try to use one extended metaphor throughout albums and songs as well.

The definition of folk music acts as a folk tale, but with music.. What is the story you are trying to present in "Fault Line" and in the project Pangaea?

"Fault Lines" protagonist is trying not to set yourself in one's view. There's a chance that your view could be wrong to someone else and there is a sense of arrogance to that. Making sure you don't accuse someone that they are wrong when you could be to them.

Also is there a relation between the actual Pangaea epidemic and the way you molded the songs together?

Pangaea using geology and the concept of pangaea I express the idea of separating and coming together. Things that seem like they won’t part, can very well separate. The structure of songs is linear to earth history which begins more chaotic. The chaos of the beginning is represented in the harshness of the lyrics. Gradually as you listen it starts to cool down. As you come to the middle it enters into forgiving as the harshness rises. The middle is a reflection of the Permian which wiped out 90% of the Earth. After this harshness the following song acts as more sobering and apologize for its outburst, like Earth had.

Anything you want to tell you fans?

Hi guys how are you doing? Thank you for listening come out to Washington Hall March 9th. Playing with Falon Sierra and Tomo Nakayama.

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