Interview: Marshall Law Band

As we gear up for Culture Fest Vol. 3 we’re sitting down with some of the night's biggest influencers to get you excited and educated on what's in store for the event, March 24th!

Marshall Law is one of Seattle’s best up and coming groups! From their community service, jumping events, and family attitude, this group never seems to stop moving. So we sat down with the group to see what lies ahead.

DMM: What pronouns do you use?

MARSHALL LAW: He + Him - They

DMM: How would you describe your music?

MARSHALL LAW: We call it Funk-Hop… But there’s some jazz, rock, classical, opera, Ted Talks type stuff mixed all in there as well!

DMM: When did Marshall Law form?

MARSHALL LAW: The band started playing with Marshall in 2014 after an impromptu jam session at Dantes, in 2015 they featured on Mill Creek - Marshall's debut Solo Album. From 2016-2017 took a year off to develop the Hip-opera/ Nostos and have been hitting the scene hard for 4 months ever since November 9th, 2017, Robert Lang private performance and CF2.

DMM: Why?

MARSHALL LAW: Marty (sax) was Marshall’s roommate on greek row and invited him to jam with the Band -We all liked each other and had similar morals and interests so the rest was history!

DMM: What's something you want people to know about you as a the band?

MARSHALL LAW: We love each other and love making music with each other. We hope our influence challenges others think outside of their box.

DMM: What is your inspiration?

MARSHALL LAW: We all have eclectic backgrounds and influences. Our music is a commentary on the human existence and the trials and tribulations that accompany a progression from naïvety towards objective understanding. We draw inspiration on the daily life, past and present public figures, and major events. Oh and also classic literature, each one of our songs off of "Nostos"(Eventual name of our hip-opera) are based off of books!

DMM: Musically?

MARSHALL LAW: Marshall’s steams from classic soul and funk such as The Parliament and James Brown, as well as, Depeche Mode, Tupac, Eminem, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Lil Wayne.

DMM: What is your favorite venue to play?

MARSHALL LAW: Any place that is committed to promoting and contributing to the success of an event, The Vera and Substation have been great to us thus far, looking forward to experiencing more venues locally and out of Seattle. We also love non traditional shows like warehouses(CF2 & CF3), as well as, house parties (Holiday Drive).

DMM: What is a practice session like for you?

MARSHALL LAW: Got 3 different formats:

Show Prep - 2-3 hour session running through the set a couple times then really diving into specific parts/interactions. We try to solidify the basics and allow room for randomness and instrumental improvisations.

Studio Prep: We turn on the dreaded metronome and play until our ears bleed, take a break and play again and again and again! We track all together while in the studio so it is vital everyone hit their parts perfect and in time.

Creation: A lot less structure much more random jams and fart jokes! Someone will come with a concept we’ll tell them it sucks and they feel bad about themselves so they go back and make it better! Then we tell them its ok and the next time it's usually fuego!

DMM: What has shaped the musicians you are today?

MARSHALL LAW: A lot of strife and pain, living in a grey city and being starving artists. However with that pain comes a deep joy and sense of dark humor from doing what you love with people we love!

DMM: What do you think the Seattle scene needs right now?

MARSHALL LAW: Think the scene needs cross pollination, much like New York in the early 80’s where Punk and Hip Hop collaborated and fueled each other. We would love to blur the genre lines more often and expose our network to different sounds. Also think we have it pretty good in comparison to a lot of cities, so would love to see less complaining and more innovating. If you create something dope, people will come and enjoy it. Maybe the crowds don't move as much as one would like but for the most part Seattle has very attentive understanding music lovers.

DMM: What pushes you?

MARSHALL LAW: We want to leave a legacy on this earth and no matter how little, we want to positively alter the conciseness of our sphere of influence. We also want to see the world doing what we love.

DMM: Who do you want listening to your music?

MARSHALL LAW: Everyone… even Trump! We believe our music has the ability to put people in other’s shoes and find commonalities

DMM: What is your favorite music to listen to:

MARSHALL LAW: There are 6 of us so literally everything… as of late a lot of Marshall Law Band, you should check them out, might like them!

DMM: Where can people find your music?

MARSHALL LAW: Our debut Single will be available March 15th on Spotify for streaming and purchase on iTunes and BandCamp! Maybe even Tidal if Jay-Z is cool with it.