Feature: Koga Shabazz

As we gear up for Culture Fest Vol. 3 we’re highlighting some of the night's biggest influencers to get you excited and educated on what's in store for the event, March 24th!

Koga Shabazz may be young, but his hustle is that of a seasoned vet. 2017 was a major year for the young rapper. Not only did he compete in 2017's Sound Off!, perform at a number of festivals including Upstream and Block Party at the Station, and drop one mixtape and an album, he also graduated high school. I could barely manage to show up to Spanish Club in high school, let alone manage an entire music career while taking finals.

But enough about his age, even if he was in his late '20s he'd still be someone to pay attention to. Just ask Sam Lachow, who stated in a post on Facebook on the day of the release of Shabazz's excellent Overture to the Unknown: "After hearing this dude rap for like 10 seconds I knew I wanted to work with him and help get his career started. Today his debut project is out that I executive produced and it's honestly one of my favorite Seattle hip hop records ever." Overture to the Unknown features a number of names you may recognize: Gifted Gab, Dave B, Jake Crocker, Jake One, and Max Moodie. Rather than relying on the guests, though, Shabazz has a distinct and recognizable voice and flow throughout the album.

A multiple threat, Shabazz also has strong footing in the fashion world as a model. With sharp features and striking looks, Shabazz easily rocks both suits and sweatpants, making you swoon every time (before you remember that he was born in THE YEAR 2000 and you snap out of it).

Catch Koga Shabazz this Saturday, March 24th performing alongside Jarv Dee, Marshall Law, and Ta7J at Culture Fest Vol. 3 at Dozer's Warehouse in Beacon Hill.

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