Interview: KWEEN KAY$H

You know her name because you’ve seen it posted on the hill and all over your feed. The Federal Way native has been living a fast paced musical career since grooving into the Seattle music scene last year. I got to chat with the charming KWEEN KAY$H and talk all things music, community and future. KWEEN KAY$H melds 90’s R n B production with vibey soulful vocals and is easily one of my favorite Boss Babes DJing in Seattle. Her unique point of view creates mixes that you can’t help but reminiscence with. They're the cuts you’ve always played but KWEEN KAY$H doesn’t use the usual throwback tropes - instead she creates a sound all her own. Throughout our conversation KWEEN KAY$H made a point to mention the support her friends, family, and fans give her; and the gratitude associated with that. She possesses such a humble tone, making a clear parallel to her music as it really evokes community. Watch out for this triple threat: she sings, DJs and is Blow Up Co’s Brand Marketing Manager. There really is nothing she can’t do. Make sure not to miss her DJ set at Culture Fest Vol. 3 this SATURDAY March 24th.

DMM: What pronouns do you use?


DMM: When did you start playing music?

KWEEN KAY$H: I started playing music officially as a DJ in April of last year.

DMM: How would you describe your music?

KWEEN KAY$H: I would describe my music as an ongoing good time. When I am playing my goal is to keep the vibes going wherever I am.

DMM: What genres are your biggest influences?

KWEEN KAY$H: Jazz, Funk, R&B/Soul, Hip Hop

DMM: Why be a Dj?

KWEEN KAY$H: I wanted to be a DJ because I always enjoyed being the person that had the aux cord. I also did radio in college at Washington State University for KUGR/KZUU 90.7 – those radio opportunities helped me realized that I loved playing music for people. I loved the influence that music had on people and emotions. I enjoyed being able to control the vibe of the room with just a song.

DMM: What is something you want people to know about you as a female Dj?

KWEEN KAY$H: Something I want people to know about me as a female DJ and for all my ladies out there DJing – we are doing the damn thing and we are the shit!

DMM: What is something you wish people knew about you?

KWEEN KAY$H: Something I wish people knew about me is that I am a singer as well.

DMM: What is your inspiration?

KWEEN KAY$H: My inspiration is beats/instrumentals. Sometimes when I am feeling uninspired I will throw on beats/instrumentals or go music/sample digging all day.

DMM: What was your first instrument?

KWEEN KAY$H: My vocals.

DMM: What is your favorite venue to play?

KWEEN KAY$H: My favorite venue that I have played was Seattle Memorial Stadium for Bumbershoot last year. Knowing I shared a stage with Solange is definitely a highlight for me.

DMM: What is it like DJing in a city full of DJs?

KWEEN KAY$H: It is inspiring DJing in a city full of DJ’s – dope to experience and support all your homies do their thing!

DMM: What has shaped the artist you are today?

KWEEN KAY$H: What has shaped me and is still shaping me as an artist today is time. Time is allowing me the space I need to grow, to make the connections I need to make and to blossom as an artist. Time is showing me that patience is required on this journey.

DMM: What do you think the Seattle scene needs right now?

KWEEN KAY$H: I think that right now Seattle just needs people to show up. Show up to support and if you can’t show up then share their shit on your social media or maybe a platform that you have. I think support is huge in the music scene for Seattle, like really imagine if we all showed up for one another to support and show love – the whole energy and drive of the city would change. There are enough opportunities and money for everyone out there.

DMM: What pushes you?

KWEEN KAY$H: What pushes me is honoring the memory of my Grandma Flowers and my amazing family. And also my dope ass friends who give me so much love, support and send so many prayers my way.

DMM: Where can people find your music?

KWEEN KAY$H: People can find my music on my Soundcloud - @kweenkaysh or you can find me playing live by following me on Instagram/Twitter - @_kweenkaysh

DMM: Who do you want listening to your music?

KWEEN KAY$H: My music will forever and always be for any and everyone.

DMM: What is your favorite music to listen to?

KWEEN KAY$H: Soulful Hip Hop – J Dilla, Q Tip, Tribe Called Quest, Camp Lo, The Pharcyde, Slum Village, Little Brother, Black Star, 9Th Wonder etc.