Jarv Dee on Beacon Hill and Culture Fest 3

As the weather gets warmer the mind begins to wander, reminiscing on the stacked, daytime lineups from last year’s spring and summer months. Get ready to get out of your winter hibernation of basement shows and stale, cigarette scented coats with the upcoming Culture Fest 3, arriving at Beacon Arts on March 24. A full day featuring musicians, local fashion forces, live art, spoken word artists and a plethora of vendors. In preparation for this year’s showcase, I spoke with rapper and hip-hop artist Jarv Dee to get his story and what’s next.

A local of Beacon Hill himself, Jarv Dee’s Seattle roots run deep. It’s the connections he made in the city that continue to intertwine with his current projects. Up next is the collaborative project Kingdom Crumbs, a group effort resulting in a compilation of tracks recorded over the past several years. It’s a more experimental approach for Jarv Dee.

“I only rap on one song and contribute to more vocals and ab libs,” he explains. “It’s on a different plane of experimentation. I’m most excited for the track I rap on, ‘Rotate,’ it’s full or realness.”

Besides a new release, his time leading up to Culture Fest 3 is filled with plenty of other power moves. Up first is a trip to South Korea to visit his label’s H1GHR Records’ headquarters and to record new tracks. It was through a Seattle connection that he joined up with the Korean-based group. “Jay Park hooked it up with H1GHR Records. He was a K-Pop boy band star who came back to Seattle, made a rap hit, then started his own agency in Korea. He hit me up on Insta and I played a K-Pop show with him. There was crazy energy, he’s like the Drake of Korea.”

From then on Jarv Dee was a part of the H1GHR Records team, cemented with personal chains gifted to him and the other artists by Jay Park. After his latest visit recording and seeing the country, Dee’s headed to Austin for the H1GHR Records showcase at SXSW. This is the energy he’ll be bringing to Culture Fest 3.

“I’m excited to play,” details Dee. “I haven’t played before, but I’m from Beacon Hill and have only heard good things. There’s so many filthy, intelligent artists in Seattle right now, the whole scene is up in the air and has the possibility to move in any direction.”

This description applies to Jarv Dee too. He has yet another project coming out, one with the new crew Cloud Nice. Composed of a group of friends, some of whom are in Kingdom Crumbs, it’s mainly another avenue to express their love of music.

“A lot of artist get pigeonholed, but there’s so many parts of me that I want to express,” said Dee. “I have a funk project coming up, you can expect a lot more singing.”

Funk has always served as a major influence for Jarv Dee, ever since he was listening to his father’s music while growing up. His goal for his new project is new age funk with ‘70s feels. “I almost felt like tearing up when I heard ‘Redbone’ for the first time. I power up when I hear that kind of music, there’s a motion behind it, says Dee.

Expect a rested and restored Jarv Dee at Culture Fest 3, ready to explode upon the stage with a discography of hits. Creatively charged from his past few weeks, his performance will be on for the books.

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