Premiere: Mud On My Bra's new EP 'Spanaway'

Mud On My Bra stirs up so much nostalgia in my 90s-loving, Donnas-when-they-were-still-the-Electrocutes-listening, girlhood-rejoicing heart. Their new EP Spanaway, released on Den Tapes, delivers six tracks of glitter punk goodness.

Myla and Aria Mud started playing music together in 2016, in a chicken coop on a honey bee farm. They adopted the moniker “Mud” a la the Ramones, but the Ramones influence doesn’t stop there on Spanaway. I say that with lots of love; like many of us, I have a soft spot for The Ramones as an early exposure to punk music (there’s that nostalgia being stirred up again). Things like the doowop-y vocal melodies on songs like “Sticky Note,” or the easily rememberable lyrics that get stuck in your head on a loop, or the sometimes surfy feel present in the songs remind me of my first listen to Rocket to Russia. Spanaway has a similar effect on me as that album did. It gives me an attitude. It gets me fired up and energized. It just feels good to listen to. If I had a car to drive around on sunny days, I’d put Spanaway on and play it loud with the windows down and feel extra cool.

But none of that is to say Mud On My Bra is playing music that’s overdone. They’ve taken ownership of this sound and made it distinct to them, as well as use the accessibility of the genre to speak about human rights issues, especially those unique to trans women. They’re relevant, important, and catchy as hell—what’s not to love about this band?

Listening to Spanaway is like eating candy; from the brevity of the EP (spanning about fifteen minutes from start to finish), to the energy you get from the addictingly peppy songs. And if you get your hands on a physical copy, even the bubblegum pink cover and the cherry red tape inside is reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers and Dum Dum pops. It’s short and sweet. It’s a sugar rush. And like candy, it’s so easy to want more and more of it.

Spanaway is out March 23rd and is available online and on cassette. Be sure to make it to Mud On My Bra’s Seattle release show at the Kraken, follow Mud On My Bra and Den Tapes on Facebook, and buy one of the tapes on Bandcamp or at the show.

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