Playlist: Aries Season

The time when the astrological wheel is set back to it’s default: when the clock again reaches 12. Aries is possessive, egocentric, aggressively caring, and hot headed, with hearts often too big for their bodies. They are the primal head of the zodiac: the least evolved sign, but the most deeply, biologically human. Aries are fire. They comfort as easily as they cause pain, they rage out of control, or go out the moment someone is not there to care for them.

In music the first thing that jumps out to me is the character of the aesthetic provocateurs; Lady Gaga’s early penchant for designer absurdism, Elton John’s vibrant flamboyance, Celine Dion’s existence as one of the flyest hypergoths of 2018. Developed aesthetics inform who we are both to the world and to ourselves, which is a double-sided mirror that applies to Aries' obsession and yet ultimate frustration with the notion of self. Just as they stare endlessly into their own inner sanctum, with a typical Aries' bluntness, invite the world to stare endlessly at them and their dependably colossal hair.

There is a way that Aries present themselves in music that speaks to the Aries mode of being; the worship of the subject, reads much differently in music and writing then it does in simply knowing an Aries. The absoluteness of knowing and emotions flows at normal speed, individuals, places, and contexts all rolling off the back of the subject moving through life. Everything else easily becomes background.

While this isn’t a do-it music specific playlist, it does contain quite a few sweaty joints, as it should. Aries know what they like and what they expect and that should be evident in this mix. Blast it all month; you know who you are and it’s time to get yours.

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