Premiere: Cosmic Kitten - "Yellow Button"

The immediate drone of an insidious guitar riff and coyfully lilted vocals of frontwoman Karen Hernandez marks the latest track from Los Angeles outfit Cosmic Kitten, “Yellow Button.” The first single from the upcoming album Lobotomy, due April 20, 2018, unites Hernandez with drummer Zach Huckabee as a powerful force displaying their true talent for bottling nostalgic 90’s musical leanings with a modern edge.

Leading to the release of what will be their third album, Cosmic Kitten has been tinkering and perfecting their classical grunge sound. From the catchy repetition of the lyrics “bound for nothing, or bound with something” it seemingly becomes apparent that this music might have chosen them. This would explain why the easy, harmonious intertwining of the two-piece. It doesn’t take more than a couple seconds to have you wondering exactly what year it is, and whether your favorite flannel and ripped jeans are handy.