Premiere: Big Lips & Big Lies - "Unconvincing" & "None of the Boys"

This week I got to preview a few songs from Big Lips & Big Lies forthcoming album Grasping at Crazy Straws set to be released April 13th. “None of the Boys” was one of the singles I got to check out. This tune sounds naive, but it’s really a tougher call out than the melody and ethereal vocals lead you to believe at first listen, proving sugary sweet doesn’t mean jejune. The straightforward lyrics tackle the cishet male privilege that pervades society as a whole with lines like “You wanna play with your friends but it’s clear that’s where your thinking ends” a line that really illustrates the white privileged/male privileged mindset simply and superbly, and “Would it really be that strange to let someone who doesn’t look like you stand beside you on a stage?” highlighting the pain of the non binary experience in a binary world. If you like Best Coast this could be your thing. The track is relatable across the board, and asking intersectional questions is a common thread that ties the tracks I got to preview together.