Best Of: March 2018


Best Album: Wale - It's Complicated EP

I feel like this EP was heavily slept on, unfortunately, since Wale is such an amazing songwriter. The honesty on relationships in 2018 and how difficult, frustrating, and beautiful they can be. Though it's only 4 tracks, each is touching in a different way. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Best Show: It's Aries' season y'all -


Best Album: I'm With Her - See You Around

I’m With Her's album See You Around was definitely in my top plays this month. Not because its Haim-esque album cover caught my eye, but for its trios talent to write catchy feminist understones throughout almost every track. This singer and songwriter group pulls bluegrass, alternative and folk genres to create its sound. Paired with emotional narratives you listen to tunes that evoke more then a catchy tune.

Best Show: Monsterwatch SXSW

My favorite show of March was for sure watching local Seattle band, Monsterwatch, down in Austin, TX, melting faces for the Dicks SXSW Showcase. It was definitely a different kind of set up for a show, but being surrounded by fellow musicians and curators was a special moment. Watching a Seattle band you love turn a crew of people into a party is a special moment. The world isn’t ready for Seattle. We’re just getting started.


Best Album: Camp Cope - How To Socialize and Make Friend

A good key indicator on how much I like an album is whether I go out and buy it (especially on CD), which is exactly what I did with this album. It's just too real. Every song on this album just resonates with your core, leaving you with a bigger picture to walk away with at the end. Plus I can never have too many Run For Records released albums, or womxn made albums in my life, so this album has really been all I've needed or wanted this March.

Best Show: Mr. Carmack at Chop Suey

TBH I went to this show because I bought the tickets as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, but I was really taken away. It's so refreshing to see a producer do a set with live instrumentation, and Carmack really took a step back from the trap beats that were expected to present a really stunning musical performance with his set.


Best Album: Moaning - Moaning

I literally cannot stop listening to this album. Taking the fuzzy elements of shoegaze combined with the heavy syncopated drumming of punk (think Slowdive meets Metz), they make for not only an easy-to-love band but one that I respect and have great excitement for their future. So pissed I missed them at SXSW but I'm sure I'll get my chance to see them live eventually since this isn't a band that's gonna be burning out anytime soon.

Best Show: Riot Act Media's Official SXSW Showcase

One of the great things about SXSW is all the old friends you run into and this show was a regular reunion for me! All while watching the amazing Anna Burch (who once played in my living room in Pullman many years ago with Frontier Ruckus) put on a great set. You've gotta check out her new solo album Quit the Curse!


Best Album: The Vaccines - Combat Sports

The new releases are rolling out, and there’s never been a better time to spoil yourself with the sounds of Spring. I love me some proper indie pop, so of course I’ve been loving all the single releases from The Vaccines. Leading up to their new album, Combat Sports, out March 30, check my favorite track “I Can’t Quit.”

Best Show: Monsterwatch at SXSW

This year I was lucky enough to make it to my first SXSW. Aka, too many good shows to just pick one. Regardless, a major standout was the Dick’s Burgers House, where local Seattle artists brought the heat to Austin. Monsterwatch absolutely slayed!

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