Back to the Glory Days of Alt-Rock with Lovely Colours Newest Single "Back for Blood"

Seattle band, Lovely Colours, has really perfected a style of alternative rock that has been missing from the music scene since about 2014. Beautiful vocals, rhythmic instrumentals, a mixture of "let's dance" style music with a sense of freedom one can only find in early 2010's alternative indie rock. With their latest release "Back for Blood," the band has really nailed a sound that is too often forgotten. The vocals are dreamy and suck you in, while still remaining raw. The instrumentals are bass heavy, yet reminiscent of post surf rock and very addicting. The whole song hypnotizes you into a trance that is unforgettable.

If you can't get enough of Lovely Colours like myself, make sure to check out their set at The Wormhole tonight, and keep an eye out for an upcoming album (;.


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