Open Casket Digressionals Album Release Show Review

March 23rd saw the album release show for Smar-T’s Jones forthcoming album O.C.D. Open Casket Digressionals. Unfortunately, the album did not actually drop on March 23rd, as Smar-T Jones cited that he needed more time to finish the album the way he wanted. A limited release was available with nine of the songs on the album, but the rest of the album has a new set release date of April. Smar-T had an all star Seattle lineup for support, and even a surprise guest artist from Utah, Blessed. Dex Amora, Son the Rhemic, Raven Hollywood, and Do Normaal all lit up the stage for this event. The show was held at Cafe Red, and we were all worried that no one would show up because up until almost the exact moment the show started there were no people to been seen besides the artists. Cue the music and suddenly the place was packed.

The surprise opener from Utah was a Christian rapper who dropped some decent beats and interesting lyrics. Then came Son the Rhemic who gave one of their better performances of the year, strong presence and smooth delivery of their work. Son’s performance featured a song they have a verse on written by Nic Makangsay and the two performed the piece together to a good deal of applause from the crowd. Son the Rhemic already had the crowd singing along, and that energy carried on as the show progressed. Dex Amora brought the heat and the crowd stayed dialed in. Smar-T gave a really great performance, despite the fact that the artist had to postpone the release of the album. Smar-T brought his signature style to the stage, he is a charismatic artist who thrives on making connections with the audience. The act incorporated a beatboxer names Damon Door, back up vocals on one track from Marissa Kay Williams, and featured Son the Rhemic on the chorus of “7 Plastic Crosses.” Smar-T’s sound often reminds me of indie rapper Early Adopted, but his delivery and persona are wholly unique.

Next up came Raven Hollywood who performed in all black and really brought the winter in the PNW, crowded around the family hearth vibe to the show. Some people sat on the floor, some stood but everyone felt the togetherness that just kept building. Rounding out the evening was a performance from Seattle favorite DoNormaal. DoNormaal put on a great show in a great outfit, an orange leotard with black fringe in true DoNormaal style, as she performed the family vibes kept growing and the energy level was high, but calm and few of the crowd had left.

Honestly, for an album that didn’t actually come out, the album release couldn’t have gone better, the show was well coordinated with the perfectly cast line up giving on point performances and the feel good vibes just kept growing until they flowed out into the street at the end of the evening with the tide of the crowd.

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