Dance Around to Shark Legs Happy-Go-Lucky Self Titled EP

Walking through Ballard you might have heard the dominating sonority of the tongue-in-cheek vocals and sonic instrumentations of Sharklegs, the alternative indie-pop/rock three-piece based out of the seaside neighborhood. Sharklegs, fka Lando, quietly released their first self-titled LP earlier in the year, marking a new path for the group.

The happy-go-lucky, sunshine soaked “Crimes” belies the naughty undercurrent of the lyrics, which serve as a useful guide to getting away with the nefarious activities of your choosing. If you’d rather stay on the right side of the law, there’s no harm to be had in dancing to the day-drinking welcome, summer anthem we’ve been looking for.

Another personal favorite is “I Do Recall,” which is favored partially for characteristics reminiscent of the indie-pop tracks that initially wooed me as a youngin’. The perky pop qualities coupled with the grown-up storytelling give way to even more serious instrumentation when the band goes off on its own. And while the music speaks for itself, the music video is worth watching if only to watch completely white outfits and backdrops get completely trashed with red wine. You get all the fun and none of the clean-up.

Embodying some 1960’s sensibilities, “Chim Chim” lives as a more dreamy snapshot from Sharklegs. It’s impossible to listen to the melodic refrain without envisioning a room heavy with incense-infused air, while the chorus of “And it’s all too strange for me/I don’t know where to be/The world’s too cruel to stay/Fade Away” serves as an enchanting invitation into the mysterious, unknown underbelly of freedom.

The entire LP is worth more than a listen, and a free download can be found on the Sharkleg’s Bandcamp page, the same place where you can order their vinyl. You can also catch them on any one of several legs on their upcoming summer tour, soon to be announced.