BADYOSHI EP Album Review

BADYOSHI is a hip hop trio (Yodi Mac, B.A Scribemecca & Wffls) that came together in 2016, and the work produced would make you think this group has been a team much longer. It’s no wonder they performed at SXSW this year, the way the artists' work meshes and plays off of each other’s styles is remarkable, this is a collaboration that doesn’t just work, it shines. The production on BADYOSHI’s EP is excellent, and the decisive rapping and sensational lyrics give this project the radio ready sound of a group ready to break through to commercial success. “Bag it Up” is a notable track ft. Cid Vishiz and Perry Porter on features that really add that something special to the song. This track makes you want to move from start to finish. The video for this song is really fun and features Perry Porter painting one of the extras in the video, a subtle nod to his other art medium. This party trap EP gets uplifting on the track “Lift my Dawgs”, the chorus being “I just wanna lift my people, wanna lift my dawgs” and then brings it right back to catchy bop on “Hot Box”. “SCOML”produced by Cormill, is the party anthem of the EP and reminded me of “Lean Back” by Terror Squad ft. Fat Joe and Remy Ma. Qreepz is always a welcome addition to any tape and brought the fire with his beat on “What is This”. This tape is a comer, and sure to keep you bobbing your head the whole way through.

Watch the video for "FLCL" and listen to the entire EP out today!


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