Premiere: Wishbaby, fish narc and Mario Casalini release 'Friends' EP

If a perfect hip hop collaboration existed it would be this, the Friends EP from Wishbaby (formerly Munky Do), fish narc, and Mario Casalini share their premiere with us. These three artists have brought together their truly unique styles for a perfectly blended project.

The production on this EP excels and the delivery and execution of the vocals matches. Mario Casalini delivers chunky upbeat vibrant beats, while fish narc’s aloof delivery and Wishbaby’s adept lyricism make this EP truly listenable. The Friends EP flows well as a whole, but every song is a stand alone hit.

As Wishbaby astral projects to keep watch over his block, Mario Casalini holds it down on the ground with some seriously funky beats on “At All Times”. Listening to “At All Times” creates a dark visual spaces in your mind while listening making it the perfect starting track. Talks of dark times can be a painful reminder- yet the lyrics within the song doesn’t reflect that. Instead its an ode to nurturing others through community and the lengths we go to to protect that community.

Blues inspired “I Like It” makes you want to move almost as much as the next track “Friends” the title track of the EP and a serious party anthem. Holy shit, “I Like It” is purely delightful in the way you told jokes in middle school. But this isn’t a corny version of poop jokes. “I Like It” is a genre bending laugh the entire listening session. It’s unique production and background gags make you want to memorize the lyrics.

The verse on “Friends” from fish narc is relatable content, and the beat is infectious. “Friends” needs to be played at every haus party you enter from now on, when you get passed the aux remember this. “Friends” is a genuine bop due to the production by the fish narc. fish uses this light hearted electro beat to cultivate lmfao inspired joy.

Friends continues to challenge it’s listeners experimenting with production throughout the EP. That is very apparent in the song, “Without a Deal” making the listener wish they were a record exec, while these artists certainly do “ball without a deal” this track makes it clear they shouldn’t be without one.

“Goodbye”, an introspective track about not feeling like you fit in with the world, brings the realness and this somber track is the perfect end to this truly unique and inspired EP from three artists who don’t need to fit in - their exceptional talent makes them stand out.

There is such a sense of comradery in this EP, filled with laughs, surprising takes and apparent flavor. What makes it special though is everyone's specific style is heard in every song. By staying true to their strengths they surprise us all with the execution. Making Friends a must listen.

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