Destroy Boys Talk Life, Love, and The Future

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Earlier this month, my favorite up and coming band, Destroy Boys, released their new EP Crybaby/Vixen. It's been almost a year since I last interviewed them in my first ever Distinction blog post, and I was blessed to be able to chat with them once again.

DMM: What was the inspiration behind this EP?

Alexia: Both songs draw from Vi and my’s life experiences (like most if not all of our music). I wrote "Vixen," and it’s about this one time when this girl and I had a thing, but I ended it, and I later realized I’d made a mistake. So this song came from when I was feeling desperate about love.

Vi: I wrote lyrics for "Crybaby," which was about being so stuck in your own head that you’ll never be able to have a real healthy relationship. For guitar parts, Alexia and I both wrote different parts for different songs. We are really big on the collaboration aspect. Another theme behind the EP as a whole was the desire to show our growth as musicians with the better song/recording quality, etc.

How has it been being under Uncool Records?

V: Working with a band as established and talented as SWMRS has only been a blessing. We are extremely lucky to have been taken under the Uncool wing.

A: It’s nice to work with experienced musicians. Cole and Joey have given us great advice and help with our songs and performance, and for that I am grateful.

DMM: How has being in the band changed for you both now that you're at college and outside of Sacramento?

A: Our fan base is different and we don’t play as many shows in Sacramento. I haven’t been writing as much music because of school honestly, but it’s not too bad. I’m living a lot and learning about myself and the world. I think social issues will start coming up more in my writing. I find myself frustrated with patriarchy, racism, homophobia, capitalism and colonialism, rather than individual men/people these days.

We get to live next to each other though, at school, and that’s amazing. I love being close to Vi and being able to talk about anything any time.

V: I love living next to Alexia! That’s the best gift college has given me. Living in Oakland has opened up my worldview beyond belief. It’s a totally different environment, socially and otherwise. It feels good, but I find myself missing the 916 all the time.

Do you both still feel like a Sacramento band, or do you resonate more with the Bay Area now?

A: We’ve actually talked a lot about this, because at the beginning of our live shows I usually say something like, “What’s up we’re Destroy Boys from Sacramento, CA.” I love Sacramento and I don’t think I can say I’m from anywhere else, and I like being from a weird city people only know about because of Old Sac and the Capitol lol. Oakland has had an effect on me. The amount of good music (lots of local and touring acts) I see in the Bay Area inspires me and reminds me why I do what I do.

V: Our roots are in Sac, but the Bay Area has embraced us beyond belief. We are a Sacto band but we are in the Bay now. A bit of both in my opinion. We are so lucky to be able to express our art in such cool cities.

Where do you feel the shift is between this EP and Sorry, Mom?

A: There’s a shift in all aspects really. The sound quality is great, and feels like a step up for us. There are leads, which means while Vi does cool solo shit, I’m playing rhythm guitar now (woo!). I feel like you can hear our progress in the EP, the songs are more dynamic and put together. I love our old record, but it feels great to be putting out new music. I think we’ve had a hard time being taken seriously, and this a kick in the face to anyone who underestimates us.

V: What she said! Yup.

Do you feel like your inspirations have changed as you've both entered these new chapters in your lives?

A: I don’t like to draw inspiration from other musicians because I tend to write something that sounds like their music (although,, vixen is influenced by Joyce Manor lol). I’m more influenced by musicians I see live and know personally. Seeing so many good artists (Burd, On Drugs, War of Icaza, The Regrettes, to name a few) my age doing dope ass shit is so empowering. It pushes me to be better and seek ways to be better. The friends I’ve met while at Mills [college] are all awesome and have inspired me with their support and love too.

V: I definitely have been drawing from a lot of different genres of music and different life experiences. Sorry, Mom was built off of punk influence and my problems with men, but as we mature, our music matures too. I have been listening to a lot of blues and 70’s rock and roll, which happened to translate itself into the songs. I also have more serious problems now (not that boy problems aren’t serious...we still write about those too).

What direction do you see your sound going towards after this EP?

A: Depends on how life goes. We write music that we want to listen to, so it’ll probably be more good ass rock music.

V: Well, we may have a whole album to go along with it...but that’s nobody’s business, but yours. :+) We’re still really young, and I’m sure we’ll continue to change and grow after we release this upcoming slew of songs.

What can fans expect in the next year from Destroy Boys?

V: Lots of shows, a million more songs, and lots of love.

A: Positive change

Last words?

V: Thank you for having us, thank you to everyone who’s reading this! Crybaby/Vixen is streaming everywhere.

Listen to Crybaby/Vixen below, and follow Destroy Boys on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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