Destroy Boys Talk Life, Love, and The Future

Photo by Nash Rood

Earlier this month, my favorite up and coming band, Destroy Boys, released their new EP Crybaby/Vixen. It's been almost a year since I last interviewed them in my first ever Distinction blog post, and I was blessed to be able to chat with them once again.

DMM: What was the inspiration behind this EP?

Alexia: Both songs draw from Vi and my’s life experiences (like most if not all of our music). I wrote "Vixen," and it’s about this one time when this girl and I had a thing, but I ended it, and I later realized I’d made a mistake. So this song came from when I was feeling desperate about love.

Vi: I wrote lyrics for "Crybaby," which was about being so stuck in your own head that you’ll never be able to have a real healthy relationship. For guitar parts, Alexia and I both wrote different parts for different songs. We are really big on the collaboration aspect. Another theme behind the EP as a whole was the desire to show our growth as musicians with the better song/recording quality, etc.