Best New Music 4/19

Here are all the amazing tunes that came out this week, so you can listen to them while you're couch locked tomorrow.


Sir Nicolas releases the perfect remix to get your weekend started!

The new Moondoggies album finally released through Hardly Art this past week, and it's perfect for your folk-y summer festival vibes.


The new King Tuff album is dark, dreamy and fun. The perfect psych rock inspiration for your 4/20 reflection period tomorrow.

Confirmation of a new Father John Misty album is exciting news within itself. Yesterday we were given a split single release in anticipation for the upcoming release God's Favorite Customer. It's really giving me hope for an album more reminiscent of Fear Fun.


  • Sigrid - Raw EP (Island Records)

Norwegian singer Sigrid released three singles, that like everything else she does are orchestral, emotional and beautiful.

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