Heylo X DMM: Humble Warrior Playlist

Earlier this month, Distinction was blessed with the AMAZING opportunity to take a tour of Heylo Cannabis' lab in Sodo. We learned the magic of terpenes, got to hold bags of weed bigger than we are, and discovered how scientific and cool cannabis really is.

Heylo is also cool in the fact that it's a woman owned company and strives to be as sustainable as possible, while still using the best ingredients and processes for their products. They also love music and giving back to the community. They have a Spotify account where they match playlists to the the vibes of each concentrate, and they bring in artists to play in their lab for special events, with all the proceeds going to charity. At the end of the tour we were given the best assignment ever, to create a playlist for their "Humble Warrior" concentrate.

After our tour, we decided to also go through the very scientific process of figuring out the perfect playlist for "Humble Warrior". We all smoked, and took notes every 15 minutes to truly get the best idea of how we felt throughout the experience, while listening to some of our favorite songs to see what worked and what didn't.

The packaging itself is 100% recyclable and gave us the base knowledge of what was about to go down. Heylo doesn't believe in simply labeling something as indica or sativa, so instead the use a day to night sliding scale. Humble Warrior falls more into the daytime scale, which makes sense as most of the terpenes in it provide energy. The packaging also tells you the main moods (Bliss, Calm, Engery and Peace for Humble Warrior), and activities that would be good with the strain (Hiking, Cooking, Yoga for Humble Warrior). While we didn't actually hike, cook or do yoga, it was very obvious how all of these would be great activities with this strain. In fact, a look at our notes showed that we all basically felt really productive, but in a nice very relaxed way, like a Sunday morning where you're just cleaning your entire house.

If you're in the market for vape cartridges, you need to check out Heylo's selection. At $40 a cartridge, it's actually a steal with how good the ingredients are, how clean the hit is, and how long it lasts. Go pick up a cartridge of "Humble Warrior," today and listen to our scientifically proven playlist below, featuring some of our favorite local artists (who you should also follow on Spotify).

If playlist doesn't load click here.

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