Araless: Something About You

Araless recently hosted the listening party for the sultry yet poignantly ethereal, summer sounds EP aptly titled: Something About You: Spring. The 6 song record is the first installment of a a two part project, with part two slated for an August release.

Araless, who is most known as one of Seattle's best MC's, be it under his main stay solo-title; Araless, or with one of his two Hip-Hop groups, Black Magic Noize (BMN) or Punch-a-Cop.

In 2017, we were given a peak into the artist's new sound developing, (Though his project, as the lead singer of the 8 piece rock/funk band: Araless and the Greater Good, may have been a sign some new styles were developing) with the release of the shimmy-prone lead single: "Intertwine", though not to the knowledge to lead to the accompaniment of a themed project, but now, has developed into a lucky surprise.