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April 20th, the day of the year when everyone who smokes weed everyday really looks forward to the opportunity to smoke weed. The universally recognized only-stoner holiday is an aptly-placed preemptive chill out time because April 20th is the first day of the Aries / Taurus cusp, sometimes referred to as the cusp of power. This period of time brings conflict between the cosmetically similar but extremely polarized Aries and Taurus energy signatures. Yesterday, on the 24th, we exited this energy airlock into full-bore Taurus season, a magical time of comfort, happiness, and the glories of the day-to-day.

Taurus is the poster child of the earth sign - slowed down, concerned with the day to day, dutiful and motivated, and possessing a sensuality and love of pleasure that can sometimes develop into edenesque hedonism. Tauruses earthy nature predisposes them to gardening, both literally and spiritually; cultivating spaces, relationships, experiences, and a routine that can give everything in their lives the fullness of proper context. In a world (and a 2018) that is filled with constant over-stimulus and stress, and Taurean devotion to self is to be admired and imitated, Taurus season is a slice of that life for everyone else.

With people and relationships, Taureans have a duality that would put Gemini to shame. They can be hard-nosed, by the book, demanding and intense, but if it’s someone they love and they need, they can be the flattest of doormats when it comes to asserting themselves.

As far as the careers and personality in Taurean music, artists run a very diverse gamut, with a noted penchant for what seems to be less about secrecy and more a disinterest in the perception of the public eye. Enya, the goddess-voiced mother of soothing celtic-adjacent synth spellwork’s major mainstream success was followed with the purchase of a Castle in Ireland and a quiet life working on music amidst a dozen housecats. How could there be a clearer amalgamation of the Taurean dream?

Let this playlist give you the assurance that you need, that you deserve the pleasure and depth of life has to offer, and the pleasures and depths of life deserve to experience you inside them as well.

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