Take It Back To Senior Year With PSA's New Single "Ghost"

Put on your favorite tennis skirt and get ready to shake your hips, Seattle hip-hop/pop princess PSA has just released her new single. “Ghost” is the first song to be released off of her album coming out this August. "Ghost" will make you want to dance the night away while simultaneously giving you the confidence to destroy anyone in your way.

"Ghost" begins with the faint sound of a whistle and marching drums that take you back to your high school track. PSA is your coach, and she is going to train you to be the no nonsense boss bitch you are. From beginning to end every line rolls off her tongue boldly and brashly. You won’t be able to stop listening. She tells the all too relatable story of meeting someone, and then they start talking shit. After the exciting synth filled build up, the bass and attitude heavy chorus smacks you in the face as she tells us the solution to this problem: she’s leaving you behind, for the better.

Ghost is the upbeat, self-assuring song you want going into the Summer. To get more PSA in your life (trust me, you need it) follow her on Facebook and at ‘psa.official’ on Instagram to keep up with all her upcoming events, including tomorrow's (Tuesday, May 1) show at the Cockpit with DoNormaal, Julius Smack, and Wizard Apprentice.

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