Heylo x DMM: Blue Dream CBD Playlist

Marijuana and music go hand in hand, so we decided to take it to the next level with our friends over at Heylo Cannabis.

One of my favorite things to do with the Seattle sunshine is get out of my depression fort and get moving! So in true seasonal depression fashion I some how found the strength to get my ass up. Weed was a part or the equation, so I was up in quicker fashion than usual. I popped the Blue Dream cartridge on, slid into a romper that’s been hiding in back of my closet for what feels like years.

As I took in the city and a puff, I had this calm veil hover over me. Things were brighter, I felt an ease about my stroll. And the faint flavor of citrus buzzed on my tongue as i inhaled. I hadn’t a care in the world! This ease could have been the serotonin building, but I’d like to think Blue Dreams CBD strain was the reason why. Continuing my journey through Pike and Pine my mind felt silent in a bustling view.

Taking the experts of Heylo's advice, I took a walk and I cooked alongside my Blue Dream CBD vape cartridge. It truly was the greatest pairing, it felt like when fancy people on tv say “This Pinot is great with the lemon chicken, Ramona”, you know real Barefoot Contessa hours. I was cooking for friends and by friends

I mean one human- me. The ease of Ina Garten and the lungs of Willie Nelson, it was on and on that note I have leftovers.

Check out the playlist below (or here if you're on mobile) and make sure to follow Heylo Cannabis Extracts on Facebook, and check out more in depth details on Blue Dream CBD here. Also make sure to learn about the other amazing new cartridge from Heylo that came out this week here.

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