Heylo x DMM: Green Crack CBD Playlist

Spring has sprung, and with it we finally have long sunshine filled days in Seattle, which means we’re on the search for the perfect daytime high. Introducing one of the two brand new Heylo cartridges released this week, Green Crack CBD.

Heylo recommends this strain for pre-workout and first date situations, given that it will make you excited, composed, and focused. It's perfect for getting pumped before an evening out. It has the CBD aspects that will make you body feel nice and airy, while still having enough THC to get you feeling a slight buzz in your head. The terpenes in this strain also help with pain, inflammation, focus, and uplifting qualities.

Because of this, I made sure this playlist will slowly build up your momentum, leaving you ready to go out and conquer the day. Featuring songs from names you know and love, as well as some DMM favorites: Weep Wave, Destroy Boys, Cosmic Kitten, Mhostly Ghostly, Happy Times Sad Times, Astro King Phoenix, Dex Amora and Nauticult.

Check out the playlist below (or here if you're on mobile) and make sure to follow Heylo Cannabis Extracts on Facebook, and check out more in depth details on Green Crack CBD here. Also make sure to learn about the other amazing new cartridge from Heylo that came out this week here.