Review: Cosmic Kitten's Lobotomy

LA darlings Cosmic Kitten kick of their 'Lobotomize the West Coast Tour' May 31st in their hometown. Before the duo heads up the coast, we reviewed their album to give you a taste of what's to come on the upcoming tour!

The first track off of Lobotomy is 'White Dove,' its drowning power chords give off major OG Rock n' Roll vibes. You know that Joan Jett fuck you attitude, its caked in the song. Front woman, Karen Hernandez's clever lyricism bedded throughout the track gives off a whimsical air to the song as well, capturing your attention right away.

'Untitled, Unheard' is a special track, and thats because it seduces you, with its clever guitar hook and its ever present attitude Cosmic Kitten create a truly intoxicating sound. With that it carries a cleverness to it, 'Untitled, Unheard' makes you wanna join the mosh pit you never dare enter. Karens voice is here to tell you what's going on, as soon as she feels like it you'll hear her roar- sometimes literally. 'Untitled, Unheard' is an in your face bop, that will continue to be on repeat once played.

Cosmic Kitten is riddled with clever nuances and memorable hooks, but they stand apart from other grunge bands. The reason? Karen Hernandez' lyrics. The song writing in Lobotomy tells its story through feeling, sometimes high and often low the examination of these emotions is refreshing. Her lyrics fill the album with the same anxieties we all feel, but minus that classic punk whine. She's not an angsty teen- these are raw emotions she confronts. It's comforting listening to music that lends its shoulder to you- instead of eye rolling at its cliches.

'Hot Stuff' is a catchy tune that evokes early grunge alto like the cakes of Cake but with a Cosmic Kitten spin to it. Getting lost in a song is hard to come by. With 'Hot Stuff' you find your self clinging to the bass to not got lost in the heat.

Other notable tracks are 'The Devils Gonna Catch You' a down tempo track reminiscent of classic catchy anthems. 'Muddy' the sad and strong song that throws its guitar into your atmosphere.

Lobotomy, bandcamp now! For tour dates visit Cosmic Kitten online. Or look at this fabulous poster.

Seattle, Comic Kitten will also be stopping by June 4th at Funhouse- See ya there!


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