Kame Hou$e Show Review

Friday, May 11th, the Kame House put on a kick-ass show with local favorites YourYoungBody, Nauticult, and Zen Mother. It was my first time at Kame and I was absolutely taken aback at the sound quality and the lighting. It was fantastic. The many strobe lights made every artist look like they were in a music video and the sound was incredibly clean. Kame House is a house show lover’s dream venue. Kame House’s next show is this Friday, May 18th, featuring Oh, Rose, Somesuprises, and Joe Waine.

Electric duo, Youryoungbody, started the show with ethereal vibes. With trance-y, bass-heavy synth beats, nobody in the room could stop moving. Although the beats had you dancing, the vocals kept you mesmerized. With every movement she looked incredibly graceful under the changing strobe lights. Her angelic voice mixed with amazing poppy beats created a wonderful care-free vibe.

Brain-exploding Hip-Hop group, Nauticult, took the stage next. Blowing drumbeats and beautiful screaming got the crowd moshing so hard that I sustained a nosebleed within the first 6 minutes of their set. Between breaking canvases and breaking exercise trampolines no one could get enough of the three. Cutting vocals that echo in your mind, beats that course through your body, and eerie guitar riffs will keep you emotionally invested in their music.

Headlining the show was Experimental Rock group Zen Mother. Their set took you down a dynamic rabbit hole you didn’t want to escape. The heavy bass kept you moving and feeling angsty. While haunting vocals, guitar riffs, and synth grooves kept you feeling almost optimistic. Zen Mother takes you through a heap of emotions. From happy to sad, they will keep you on your toes.

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