Premiere: Strawberry Mountain's 'and she exploded into color'

The crooked smile that takes over your face as your body decides to embrace the overhead summer sun is the only way to describe the feeling of listening to the opening notes of Strawberry Mountain’s sophomore album and she exploded into color.

“In Time” greets the listener with a jubilant, buzzy opening, instilling the feeling of coming out a winner on a technicolor ‘70s game show. This buoyant energy continues throughout the album, bringing you up to a level of sonic levitation.

Tracks like “Vietnam” and “Dimensional Pleasures” serve as psychedelic rallying cries, leading you down the path of personal freedom, tempting you to break free into the self you most wish to meet.

This drive to break through also relates to the growth Strawberry Mountain have undergone since 2016’s Easy Listening Muzak. Fine tuning their harmonious interplay, their growth as a band reflects the same searching for the better parts of your personality that light the fires in all of us.

Also highlighting their growth, “Goodies 3” is at times reminiscent of Ariel Pink, but Strawberry Mountain’s instrumentation brings their sound to new heights without the jaded disillusionment weighing it down. This playful approach to making music translates into their live performances, with all members of the bustling group goading each other to bringing a fresh breath into each lyric coming from Carter Prince.

You can see their magic come to life yourself on their upcoming summer tour, dates to be announced soon.

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