Listen to New Single "Small Spaces" from Emo Sweethearts Boat Race Weekend

Spokane natives, Boat Race Weekend, just released "Small Spaces", the first single off of their upcoming album Near and Dear, releasing June 8th. This song is for all you emo/post fans, seemingly taking a step back from their typical pop punk sound. Emotional, powerful lyrics about being lost and trapped, trying to get free, glide over a pacing beat that really gets your heart pumping. The song instantly places you in those moments in some basement watching a band pour their heart and soul out as you can't help but move your body forward and back taking in the whole thing, feeling the raw emotion flood the room. This single is an exciting step for Boat Race Weekend as their sound is becoming even more dynamic, and their storytelling abilities are shaping into a relatable form of artistic presence. If this is just the first single off of their new project, than be sure to see where they are heading, because it is definitely going to be something amazing.

Make sure to listen to the new single below, and keep an eye out for their third album Near and Dear on June 8th!


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