Review: Taylar Elizza Beth debuts "EVERYTHING"

Taylar Elizza Beth teases her new single, "EVERYTHING" preparing Seattle for the bops she's about to throwing out all summer long.

Someone or something awoke the sleeping giant and she’s back for more. Taylar Elizza Beth is speaking to the stereos with her new single Everything. The highly anticipated teaser, embodies the transition from Springtime blues to Summer songs. But Taylar wasn’t asleep at the wheel, the Seattle songstress has been tucked away working on music and ready to shower us with Summer bops like her latest track, Everything.

The production on Everything holds a mystic quality to it. Holding an most ritual tone to it, like cleansing sounds it oozes in on the listener. Giving the song a heightened appeal, you know as soon those high pitch frequencies hit somethings brewing. That’s all thanks to Cameron who produced the track. Collaborations between artists and producer can be a complex bond, two souls taking a chance on the outcome. Yet there is no out of sync vibe here, Cameron nails Taylar Elizza Beth’s holistic approach to music. It’s as if he knows the vibrations Taylar Elizza Beth feels and uses that energy to compile a piece of production that exudes herself.

Everything plays off everyone’s inherent transitional movement toward seasons. When the lackluster spring awakens into Summer its hungry and powerful- you literally feel that heat. That movement toward new phases is just what Taylar Elizza Beth calls on to show us how hungry she is. This Taylar waiting for things to happen-she’s willing it so. Asking for it she rhymes this prayer singing, “Everything, now a days (I want it I want it all) I just want everything (I want it I want it all)”. And if we know anything about Taylar Elizza Beth she will get it. She physically sees these manifestations and calls on the listener to tap into that too, when you hear her softly whisper “See it in your eyelid”.

Storytelling is Taylar Elizza Beth's forte, her tale is one of belief and magic. That humming alto sings, “What is that you said about the beast and the fighter?” she recounts the times destiny put her on paths and the times she conquered them. You can’t feel hyped up listening to these affirmations. Taylar Elizza Beth believes in herself, despite the hardships of climbing to the top. What makes this song though is the way she teaches us to believe in herself. That’s magic.

Be sure to catch Taylar Elizza Beth performing at Central Saloon June 13th.

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