Premiere: Strawberry Mountain - "Bug Debris" & Tour Announcement

DMM is excited to announce that local psychedelic avant-pop band Strawberry Mountain are embarking on their first West Coast tour at the end of the month. Alongside this announcement, the band has shared a new single titled "Bug Debris."

With a slew of sun-kissed chords and a kiss of pixie dust, Strawberry Mountain’s “Bug Debris” transforms into a delightfully eclectic croon of summer love that gets your feet tapping to your slightly faster heartbeat (and with, perhaps, a little blush to your face). The contrasting vocal textures are entertaining in and of themselves — songs that are sweet and subtly funny are hard to come by, but Strawberry Mountain delivers with this single that feels like chuckling with your friends while drinking wine by the sunset. The stars did come down to play with this release, and they are here all summer: Strawberry Mountain is out on tour, and they are ready to bring you the summer skies.