2018 Pride Playlist

What to say about pride month when there are so many injustices in this country: gun violence, children being ripped from their homes/parents, the blatant racism and sexism that runs rampant along with our trans brothers and sisters being harmed and treated like a novelty. We are a marginalized community who has a platform to speak for those who don’t have that luxury. I want to keep this short and thoughtful, but use your platform for the better. You catch more bees with honey and we owe it to ourselves and others to educate, teach and TRY to make this world a better place even if it’s just one person at a time. We have a gay pride parade in ever major city, let’s keep in mind the people who can’t or are scared to speak for themselves and be their voice, like many allies once did for us. Happy pride y’all, have fun and enjoy this playlist.

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