GTKM: Sunday Night Heat

The eighth year of local music festival, VanFest, is taking place on Saturday, August 25 at Royal Arch Masonic Park in Maple Valley. To celebrate the little fest that could, we're spending the next two months highlighting the bands playing VanFest 8. Today, get to know local queer trans punk band Sunday Night Heat.

Sunday Night Heat is somehow both a band out of time and currently right where we should be. This dichotomy not only informs our song writing but also our personalities. The band was conceived from a mutual love between Tristan and Alyson of WWF's Attitude era and also Alyson's love of the current Seattle scene including Tristan's band (Dogbreth). Peter (Dude York) and Earnie (The Compled Dialect) were added, the band exploded into a super group who's nerddom went beyond wrestling. Our songs have referenced comic books, semi obscure hip hop albums, shitty men in punk bands, and so much more. Our playlist reflects this curious dichotomy of old and new with songs currated by me. - Alyson (lead singer and lyric writer).

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