Review: Beach House "Black Car" Video

With all the sensuality and implied dangers of a late-night ride, Beach House’s music video for “Black Car,” their seventh track on their seventh studio album, the eponymous 7, is a black-and-white mystery ride that you’ll not want to leave.

This video is in shades of black, white, and grey that provide a harder, colder look, but does not take away from any of the interest behind this release. If you are someone who finds fascination in discovering just exactly what lurks in the dark at night, this is the video for you—it perfectly honesty on the darker powers of our natural curiosity for a thrill that doesn’t scare, but doesn’t let you get too cozy, either.

If there were a way to get a ride to the Black Lodge of Twin Peaks, I’m pretty sure that it would be in the driverless black Cadillac, who, in place of a person, acts as the mysterious protagonist of “Black Car.” After the ominous vehicle is awakened in an otherwise-empty parking garage with a wash of dark rain, we are off for an adventure. Although we are never quite sure during the video about where we are, or where we are going, you’ll find yourself enjoying this open-ended mystery.

The lyrics hint at an unspoken, morbid invitation to explore the beckoning void, as experienced by the narrator of “Black Car,” who is witnessing another eventually give in to the siren’s call: “You want to go/ Inside the cold/ It’s like a tomb/ But it’s something to hold/ And in the time before it ends/ When the stillness bends.” Given that the car initially appears to be coated in ice/frost in its first few introductory shots, there are plenty of possibilities for metaphor here—and in true Beach House style, there is enough mystery for you to make a meaning that is all your own, but just enough clarity to leave you wondering if you’re on the right trail… perhaps you’ll find the answer on a night ride of your own.

Beach House will be performing at Sub Pop's 30th anniversary party, SPF30, on Saturday, August 11 at Alki Beach.


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