Cancer Season Playlist

June is on the wing, July is right around the corner, and the season is at its happiest. Happy because the weather is gorgeous? Happy because we just got our booty shorts out of storage? Happy because Gemini Season has finally ended? Happy because cuffing season is out and hoe season is upon us? How should i know? Whatever the cause, the happiness is running parallel to the start of Cancer Season, one of the best signs at experiencing what emotion is and how far down and around and all over the place it can take you.

Cancer is the 4th sign in the Zodiac, a(n incredibly) water sign, steeped in the emotional dimensions inherent under the moons watch. Their mascot is perhaps the most apt in the zodiac, as Cancers and folks with cancer placements often live life in and out of a thick shell. Cancers will exit their shell to bombard the world with their thoughts and cleverness, but can immediately disappear out of sight from anyone watching them. Where their watery sisters Pisces and Scorpio are also defined by their sociality, relationships are the gravity well in the middle of the cancer experience. Cancerians crave connection, validation, and having all the parts of themselves heard and understood. Often it takes someone loving a Cancer to see everything they have to offer. Cancers will give their time, love, lives, and the bra under the shirt off their back for a lover.

In relation to music, Cancers have a monopoly of time-tested girl power bangers. Cyndi Lauper, Courtney Love, M.I.A., Solange, Debbie Harry, Michete. These Cancers don’t mix words about what they want and who they are. Knife's edge love songs eke out the massive power that stands at the other side of the rope-bridge of human connection. Keen eyes on the different cul-di-sacs and interlife of identity. Emotional life is so on-pulse with these artists, impossible beside the amount of humor and irony in their music. The sense of humor with these artists is as wry and cutting as it is enviable. Seattle rap staple Michete’s three records worth of underground pop gunshots deal with humor and preposterousness and the essentials of identity all in the same breath, with a recklessness devoid of fear. The same exists also for artists like Vince Staples, with a song like “Get the Fuck Off My Dick,” a thrasher that tells the listener to step off of Staples dick before presenting the listener with every reason they would be insane not to jump on it.

Springsteen or Sid Vicious might have something grandiose to say about how important “teenage” music is, but any artist on this playlist could give either of these boys a master class in being a teen forever. Emotional cliffs, white hot anger, a hole only filled with attention, and a sexuality that doesn’t bar any holes. The fat that drips off these artists, songs like “Time After Time,” “Doll Parts,” “This is What Makes us Girls,” and “Recognize this Pussy,” fed fires around which femmes could bond.

Let your body and soul carry you forward through Cancer season, whether it rockets you into someone's lap or out of it.

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