Review: phem - "crypto bitxh"

Whether effortlessly weaving a story or delivering bars, Phem’s flexibility as a lyricist, rapper, and musician shine on her newest track, “crypto bitxh.” The LA artist, who has collaborated with artists like G-Eazy, Dram, Robokid, and Fat Tony, not only declares what’s hers (and what it took to get there), but where she’s headed next. Spoiler: it involves one hell of a boss-bitxh attitude that will take your next hang with the gxrls from 0 to 100 real fast.

Pride may be over, but this queer femme anthem dedicated to the struggle and the come-up is here to stay. If you’re still feeling the ache from that Pride hangover, this song is for you—it’s time to get back on track and claim what’s yours, queen!

After opening with two stories on seeking advice/guidance from a fortune teller and a wizard, Phem ultimately decides that her path and power—and yours—can only come from within, and the resulting affirmations are sticking in my ears: “Damn I’m hot as fuck/ And I worked for it, man/ Damn I came up/ And I worked for it, man.” Phem’s simmering attitude blooms alongside the track’s throbbing baseline and brooding beats—while it may be dark, this newest single is anything but a downer.

Perhaps we didn’t spend our last $50 on a fortune teller, but with Phem here to tell us what’s up, there’s no need to. Fix your makeup, toss your tarot cards out the window, and sing along to this bad bitxh anthem all summer long.


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