Drunk At A Show: OmenXII, Jgrxxn & Kold-Blooded at Vera

Tuesday the 19th brought a super fun show to the Vera Project. Ten performers brought some serious firepower to the stage for the show featuring OmenXIII, JRGXXN, and Kold-Blooded. The show got off to a late start but once it was going the energy just kept building. The first act was Son the Rhemic and they started off the night with some good energy that kept growing throughout the evening.

OmenXIII is a dark rapper who has been seen in Seattle last November at Cafe Red in the southend. This artist got their start in 2015 and has been taking the sonic world by storm ever since. Known for their association and music with Lil Peep, OmenXIII continues to prove their music can stand on it’s own two legs and bite. The mosh pit just got bigger as JGRXXN, Kold-Blooded and OmenXIII kept trading the mic back forth. Their entourage brought the party and their following could be described as cult-like. As always, the crew came through and we got some on-stage cameos from the likes of local artists Gemm Forza and Wishbaby.

NVTVS put on a lively performance, TORCHFVCE A.D.and $igil were dope. There were a few break out up and comers at last night’s show. Mitchell Bay, Amethyst, Bleed Bleed, and Bamboon all put on top notch performances. Amethyst and Bleed Bleed represented for femme artists, with two totally different energies that both added to the tapestry of a really rich evening of music. It was definitely a family show, these artists or their associates have all collaborated and we know why, they are fucking good and birds of a feather flock together. The intersections abound with Son the Rhemic collabing with Wishbaby, Mario Casalini on just about everybody’s beats and Son’s longtime homie Elijah Heaps on the track with Amethyst. This show was a really fun posse show and one for the books. I would go see all of these artists again if I had the chance.

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