Get To Know Me: Gloom

The eighth year of local music festival, VanFest, is taking place on Saturday, August 25 at Royal Arch Masonic Park in Maple Valley. To celebrate the little fest that could, we're spending the next two months highlighting the bands playing VanFest 8. Today, get to know Yakima rock band Gloom.

If you don't know, we're a band called gloom and we like to shred. Our hobbies include writing/recording music, touring, long walks on the beach and visiting breweries all over the country. Our music is often serious while we almost never are. We've spent most of our adult lives playing music in bands that took straight-faced, black and white photos in front of brick walls, so gloom is an outlet for us to just be ourselves, participating in all of the fun parts of being in a band while side-stepping everything else. If you like our music, please talk to us and be our friend. If you don't like it, bring it up with management.


Pedro the Lion

Pedro the Lion was one of those "oh shit" moments for a lot of us in the band. Growing up and hearing another man so vulnerable and honest about how much of a shit head he is and how bitter the world can be was incredibly impactful for us. Tim used to make worship music the same as Dave Bazan did but gave up on the world a long time ago.

Manchester Orchestra

This is Tim. Andy Hull is my favorite lyricist. Incredibly honest, vulnerable, sarcastic. He also progressed from weird Christian shit to real honest nonchristian dad rock. Just like us.

Macklemore & Ryan Luis

How could we not be inspired by the man who singlehandedly saved gay marriage?

Everyone Else

The rest of these bands shred in such a way that we keep them in rotation and take inspiration from them everyday. They may not have inspired us to make music but they inspire us to keep making music and thats definitely more important to us.

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